Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cast Iron

I love my cast iron, I use it every single day!

I once read a comment that someone made, "if someone said they can make eggs in cast iron and it doesn't stick they are a liar." Tons of people commented saying yes they could and the person stayed adamant that we must all be liars and working for the cast iron industry!

This comment was long ago but it has always bugged me! You very much can make fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets in a cast iron pan and it not stick. You just have to properly season your pan!

So the other night when I was making my husband an omelet, I decided to take a picture of my handy work and the fact that my eggs didn't stick to the bottom!

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Honestly, I have never really been a huge meatball or meatloaf person. It is really just a hunk of meat cooked, why not just have a hamburger! However, I am learning to enjoy them by adding lots of flavor. I originally saw an Asian Meatball recipe of Nom Nom Paleo's that inspired me but I didn't have fish sauce, cilantro, and I can't use tomato so I took it another direction.

We loved it. It will be made again soon and in larger quantities!


1 Pound Ground Beef
1 Pound Ground Pork
2 Cups Diced Mushrooms (I used white button)
1 Cup shredded Yam
4 Tablespoons Diced Onion
2 Tablespoons Ginger \
1 Tablespoon of Garlic
1/4 Cup Coconut Amino
Basil, Oregano,  Salt, and Pepper*

*With the spices, Eleanor chopped me a couple sprigs from the garden, it was about a teaspoon of each. The salt and pepper was just a couple turns of the grinder.

Toss everything in a big bowl and stir it up well, then add the meat and mush it all together. Form your meatballs and place on a cast iron pan. Cook at 375 until the the internal temperature is 160. Size of your meatballs will determine the cooking time.

These were really yummy and the mushrooms and yams really helped to keep it nice and moist. I was a little worried about making meatballs without bread but this was a brilliant solution on Nom Nom Paleo's part! I will definitely be scouring her site for more recipes!

Random Things

I haven't posted in forever and honestly I was thinking about not posting anymore. I just wasn't really feeling the whole blog thing and it felt more like a chore. However, last week when my precious toddler wouldn't sleep but still wanted to nurse for hours upon hours, I went back and read through all my old postings. It was pretty neat. It was fun to watch my mind shift, I eat healthy now, no now I eat healthy, wait now I actually really eat healthy. Additionally, it was really neat to read about how Ellie was growing and what things happened at various stages. Funniest thing was reading a post from when she was seven months discussing how I think she is finally starting to work on falling asleep on her own (she is almost 2.5 years old and still nurses to sleep!). It was like my own personal photo book with dialogue.

So back to it!

1.We went camping for the very first time this past month. I hadn't been camping in years! It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. Most importantly that we are too old to sleep on the ground, we need an air mattress. Additionally, our toddler nor our dog likes to sleep on the ground!

Eleanor took off her shirt right as she got out of the car, it cracked me up.

We went swimming and took a nice long hike, we roasted mallows (knowing they would make her sick but she totally enjoyed them), we played, and laughed. I was pleasantly surprised that Eleanor did pretty well staying around our camp site. Well, with the exception of the restrooms, she loved sneaking off to play in the bathrooms.

2. Eleanor is really starting to pick words up at a much quicker pace these days. Too many words to list but they are flowing like crazy. Her favorite word happens to be "hair bow" and she says it for any string or bow whether it is in your hair or not. She finally calls the dog Daisy now instead of just D and she is starting to string words together more. However, she is also starting to push Momma's buttons, she is definitely perfecting the art of testing her boundaries. So we had to put some new rules in place. We finally started to use timeout which we mostly reserve for hitting, kicking, and throwing things we aren't suppose to. She is a watcher as well, we really have to watch our actions, because if we do it, she will copy it! That means I can't smack my husband with stick because he made fun of me, unless we want Ellie hitting us with sticks! However, typically she is just a happy go lucky, exploring, and loving life little daredevil!

3. We were quickly reminded this year that Eleanor is darn near allergic to mosquito bites. Just look at that poor little eye of hers. She still has a few little red spots where the bites were and they are now over three weeks old (and she doesn't itch them). How long does mosquito season last anyway? You know, because mosquitoes are like berries and have a season.

4. We are heading into our second round of Whole30, after I make and consume a whole batch of cookies. Something is not going well with Eleanor's body and we aren't sure if she just really didn't handle those mallows from camping well, if it is the goat that she initially appeared to do well with, or if it is something else entirely. So I figured we could do another round of Whole30 and maybe that would help us pinpoint the problem.

5. My sister came out to visit last month and Eleanor fell in love with her. Not that she didn't love her before but she was old enough to understand it this time. She had someone to constantly play with that didn't have to stop playing to make dinner or clean the house. Now every night she says "Goodnight Dad, Goodnight Mom, Goodnight Me, Goodnight Daisy, Goodnight Jodi." It is cute and heartbreaking, I really wish she lived closer. 

6. I am really into preserving right now. I have made strawberry jam and the world's best raspberry jam so far. Next week I am making another batch of raspberry jam and cherry jam! I am pretty excited about the cherry jam, I love cherries. I wanted to can cherry pie filling but I can't use cornstarch so I couldn't find a recipe that worked for canning. However, I think jam will be awesome too. I am also freezing whole berries for later use in smoothies and such. I made my husband go buy a third deep freezer just for the berries. Just kidding it will also house our chickens for the year! I am looking forward to picking blueberries soon!! As for preserving though I have a batch of sauerkraut fermenting and I also plan to do applesauce, pear sauce (LOTS!), peaches, and blackberry jam. I will freeze a ton of blueberries as well!

7. My garden is doing great this year. We harvested so much broccoli and it was delicious!! We had a ton of cabbage and right now have zucchini coming out our ears and our snap peas and shelling peas and growing like mad! Ellie got the first snap pea off the plant a couple days ago. Our blueberry bushes are starting to turn blue and we are still getting strawberries from our plants. Still growing are onions, beets, cauliflower, more broccoli and cabbage, spinach, green beans, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, peaches, and cherries!

However, I do have this garden guest who decided to move in, stay, and eat.

7. My little princess is a light sleeper, she is not one of those kids you can transfer from the car to her bed, she isn't one of those kids you can mill around with, she sleeps in the quiet, with the shades drawn, with a fan on to cancel out any background noise. I tried to do that whole "make noise while she sleeps thing so she gets used to it" but that didn't work for her. She used to wake up just from me clicking a button on the remote. However, when my sister was out, she crashed, and slept on the couch while tons of noise went on around her. She didn't move a bit. I was shocked and jealous. It hasn't happened again.

8. I can't get over how adorable this little girl is. She makes me smile everyday! I love how every time she takes off her pajamas or shirt she takes both hands and starts rubbing her bare belly. Also, when we are eating if she gets food stuck in her teeth (which happens more often now that her teeth are getting closer), she ask for a "flosser" and won't continue eating until that food is out!