Monday, August 13, 2012

18 Months

Guess who is turning 1 1/2!

My little bug is growing up so quickly and there isn't anything little about her!


Height: 3 Feet
Weight: 42 Pounds
Shoe Size: 9
Pant Size: 7
Shirt Size: 7
Diaper Size: 7 - 8 if they made it!

She still isn't much of a talker, just saying, momma, dadda, bye-bye, and night-night but she is physically into everything. If she can climb it, she will! She is a genius when she wants something. If she has her eye on something on the bathroom counter she will bring her stool to the toilet, climb on the toilet, and use the toilet to climb on the counter. Which means I can't take my eyes off her!

She is a much better eater these days. She eats pretty much three meals a day with some snacks thrown in there. Her favorite is steak and meat in general. However, she pretty much will eat anything I give her.

She is loving gymnastics and will do the bridge whenever she wants me to help her flip over. She loves going to the park. She loves playing on riding lawn mowers (while not in use). She loves playing peek a boo!

Everyday she grows more and more and it makes my heart flutter. I love how expressive she is getting and how curious and determined she has always been!


  1. She's so tall! She just gets smarter and more beautiful with each passing day!

    Maybe someday Daddy will go to gymnastics with you and get some pictures?

  2. And you do not want another? I am amazed. How blessed you are to recognize the present that you have in your little one.