Friday, August 24, 2012

Blackberry Adventures

Our backyard is lined with blackberry bushes. Last year they didn't do a thing. My husband really wanted to kill them all and last year I agreed. However, he didn't get around to it and this year they are producing heavenly amounts of delicious berries. I told him he is no longer allowed to kill them at this time.

The other day we went picking!

My little bug was really sabotaging my efforts. For every berry I picked, she ate three. If that is possible.

Even the sour ones! (Do you see her protecting her bucket?)

I eventually took the bucket away because I didn't want her getting a tummy ache from too many berries. She started crying and ran to my husband for his bucket.

He didn't give in either. However, she is a determined one. So instead she went to go get her own berries. She sure showed us!

She loves her some berries. We turned the berries into a crisp, jelly, and some juice for sorbet and syrup making. Today we picked some more berries and made a jam. It is heavenly. A friend came over and picked so we sent the jam with her. However, the next batch picked, we will be making this jam again!

Today we are heading out to pick peaches!


  1. So awesome! Are you picking peaches at one of those pick-yourself-farms?

  2. Oh my gosh she is soooooo adorable. I really got a kick out of the differing expressions. What extremes our little ones go to in no time flat. Thank you for sharing.